Climbing Mount Toubkal 4.167m
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Climbing Mount Toubkal 4.167m

Climbing Mount Toubkal 4.167m
Get a kick out of climbing the highest peak of North Africa!
The walk to the summit is challenging but requires no moutaineering experience. The panoramic views on top make the hard work ...
In summer it is a so called "walking mountain". Everyone with a good conditon who likes walking can make it. Just do it slowly, step by step.
For good adaptation to high altitude we advise you to go for a trip with 6 days walking. If you have more time you can even make a hiking tour of 11 days including a visit to the Ifni lake. It gives you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Atlas moutains and the welcoming Berber people!
Ofcourse when you are a die-hard and have only little time you can go for the summit in 3 days as well. 
After your climb you will enjoy the magic city of Marrakech.
We can organize your trip according to your wishes.
And we have standard programs as well. Just contact us for more information:

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