Ski in Morocco
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Ski in Morocco

Ski in Morocco?
Yes, this is possible!
The High Atlas Mountains just south of the magic city of Marrakech have high peaks upto 4.000m. Highest summit is Jebel Toubkal - 4.167m. - which you can conquer with your tour ski's.
For more simple excercise you can go to the small ski resort of Oukaïmeden (2600m.) where there are some lifts. Snow conditions in February and early March are most likeable. Make your travel to Morocco real special with a combination of skiing in the moutains and making a camel trip in the Sahara desert.
We can make you an offer according to your wishes and the time you have to spent. Please contact us for a concrete proposal.
Maroc Travel tot discover Morocco. Your partner in responsible tourism and ... your guide for amazing adventures.

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