Marrakech Marathon and Semi Marathon - Jan. 2012
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Marrakech Marathon and Semi Marathon - Jan. 2012

The Marrakech Marathon will take place on Sunday January 29 in 2012.
Great scenery running next to the old city walls of red clay, looking towards the white snow capped mountain tops of the High Atlas and palm and olive trees alongside the road. The winner of 2011 finished in 2:09:52, and for the semi marathon this was 1:02:00
Do you want to go there; relaxed, fully organized so you only have to run and enjoy ....
With Maroc Travel you can make a 6 day tour all inclusive
starting on friday January 27. Staying in a luxurious Riad hotel. Including a visit to the hammam with a massage after the (semi) marathon.
We combine discovering the magic and historical city, running a (semi) marathon, relax and ... a 2 day visit to the magnificient High Atlas mountains.

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