Climbing Toubkal the highest mountain in Morocco - you can do it too!
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Climbing Toubkal the highest mountain in Morocco - you can do it too!

Some people even do not know that Morocco has mountains. Only 75 km's from Marrakech, the royal and magic city of the south, there is the High Atlas mountain range. The white snow capped peaks you can see them from the city. The highest peak of them all is Mount "Jebel" Toubkal with 4.167 meters / 13.671 ft. And believe it or not YOU can go up there! Get a kick out of climbing to the summit and enjoy the beautiful views, upto the Sahara desert if the wheather is nice. Mount Toubkal is a so called walking mountain. This means that no specific mountaineering experience is required. Just bring good walking boots, a good condition and a good spirit. To get well adapted to altitude we advise you to start with an easy trekking through Berber valleys. By going over a higher pass every day to get into another beautiful valley your body is getting used to the walking (up and .. down) and to the altitude. After 4 days of trekking you will be ready for for the top. Just take it easy step by step. For the summit itself you will start very early in the morning. This gives you the best chance to have nice views on the top. In summer you just need a warm coat early in the morning. In winter be prepared for snow and the freezing in the morning - the last night before the final part of the climb you sleep in a mountain hut at 3200 m. (10.500 ft). In winter time there can be some somw trails that are icy. These parts can be best traversed using crampons. Crampons can be hired in Imlil. The local guide who is walking with you will show you how to use them. Take your walking sticks with you to feel more comfortable. Maroc Travel offers you a one week trip with a trekking of 6 days to go up the Toubkal with 2 nights in Marrakech. The whole trip is organized from the start at the airport in Marrakech and back to the airport. One week complete for € 465,-
Come with us and get a kick out of climbing Toubkal the highest peak of Morocco and of North Africa !

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