Mountain bike Morocco - January 2012
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Mountain bike Morocco - January 2012

Mountain biking in Morocco
In Morocco mountain biking is a special experience - a combination of beautiful nature, impressive mountains, an enormous desert and a culture so different from ours: your are biking into another world.
The variety in climate and landscape; from mountains to desert; 
every season and spot are lovely for biking in Morocco.
From november up to april we have a special 8 day tour in the great south of Morocco: a combination to visit the mountains up to the sand dunes of the Sahara desert.
For nice pictures have a look at our NL website:
For more information and bookings:
the next 8 day tour is starting on Saturday January 21. Euro 645,-
(excl. bike and flight, on most flight it's possible to take your own bike as special luggage, please inform at your flight company)
In late spring and late summer we take you to the High Atlas mountains near Marrakech.
All our tours and treks include a local guide showing you the nicest trails and tracks and tells you about Berber culture and tradition. And in some of the Berber villages the lodges are like hotels. Most Berber guesthouses are simple but comfortable. They bring you in close contact with the local people and traditions. This makes your Morocco mountain bike trip more than just mountain biking ! If you are more than 4 people we can organize any tour according to your wishes; it's the country of 1001 nights .... 

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