Marrakech Marathon and Semi - January 2012
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Marrakech Marathon and Semi - January 2012

Marrakech; the magical city of 1001 nights offers an extraordinary setting to run your (semi) Marathon. Streets are decorated with palm and olive trees, the medieval old city wall is colored due to the red clay and in the background there is the blue sky with the white snow capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
The Marrakech Marathon is well known for runners from all over the world. The circuit is one of the fastest in the world. Fastest time in 2010 was 2:09:52 for the Ethiopian Girma Beyene GEZAHN. For the semi marathon the fastest time was 1:02:00.
If you do not want to worry where to sleep, how to get organized and if you want to see a little more of this beautiful country you can join our special 6 day trip for euro 850 all inclusive except for your intercontinental flight. We organize everything for you; you just have to run and enjoy ! 
In January climate is ideal. In the morning it is even fresh while temperature is slowly climbing towards 20 degrees Celsius; ideal for running. You want to set a new record ..??
Running a (semi) marathon in a different culture and country ...?? This is already very special. But if you go there you need a little more time to visit the magic city of Marrakech and the mountains which are so close.
Maroc Travel organises a complete 6 day tour. You stay in a nice luxury Riad hotel, all meals are catered for. Afther the running there is a 'hammam' (Moroccan bathouse) with a good massage.
On monday we relax and enjoy our success. We just stroll around in the city. On tuesday we start our 2 day excursion to the Atlas mountains.
The only thing you have to do is enjoy and of course ... use your feet for running and walking.
6 days fully organized - Friday Jan. 27 up to Wednesday Feb. 1 in 2012; a perfect way to relax your body and mind!

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