Morocco Slow Travel for Christmas - 15 days - starting Dec. 27.
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Morocco Slow Travel for Christmas - 15 days - starting Dec. 27.

Slow travel in Morocco?
Still looking for something special for your Christmas holidays?
from tuesday december 27 upto tuesday Januray 10 we have a very specvial 15 day tour
and you can still join !!
Starting in the magic city of Marrakesh, the royal city of the south,
Maroc Travel organizes a special 12 day jeep tour passing by all natural beauty of the south.
Additionally you have 3 nights to spend in the magical city of Marrakech.
The tour takes you straight through the High Atlas mountains to the amazing 'gorges' (steep walls) at the sunny southside of the mountains. And even further down to the sanddunes of the Sahara desert where you can even make a camel trip if you like. On two very special spots on earth: the Todra Gorge and the Gorge d'Imiter near the tiny Berber village of Amellago, we slow down our travel and we take the time for enjoyable day walks in beautiful nature. You wil be really amazed: nature, friendlyness of the people, and an almost therapeutical feeling of enjoying every minute of your stay will come to you when you stay in the Berber guesthouse "Bonjour le calme" surrounded by the colourful mountains. You can make this tour with or without extra nights in Marrakech. The jeeptour is leaving Marrakech on wednesday December 28 and you will be back in Marrakech on Sunday January 8. The complete program including all meals on the road only costs euro 895 per person. Only the intercontinental flight to Marrakesh and your hotel in Marrakesh is not included. If you want to fly directly from Dusseldorf Weeze or Brussels to Marrakech go for Ryanair. They have still flights available for tuesday December 27 upto tuesday January 10. From Brussels flightprice is now euro 280 and from Weeze euro 320. But you should not wait too long. You can also book this trip as 15 day tour including 3 nights hotel in Marrakech and transfer from/to the airport for only euro 975 p/p. For more information: or in the dutch language at

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