April 28 - MTB Morocco - Marokko Mountainbike - VTT Maroc
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April 28 - MTB Morocco - Marokko Mountainbike - VTT Maroc

Mountain biking in Morocco? Yes, you can. It is just like “Little Nepal”.
Join our next 8 day tour starting April 28 in Marrakech with 6 days of splendid real .. mountain biking.
Starting in the magical city of Marrakech. From there you go 6 days for real mountain biking. Just south of Marrakech you find the High Atlas mountains. Only a 1,5 hr drive and you are there. If you like to go for a real bike in the mountains ... Mountain biking in the Moroccan High Atlas is not only adventure because of the biking .. You are really entering a different world ... where all your senses are tingled.
Marrakech is magical and when you go to the mountains you discover remote Berber villages & valleys and a lot of rough mountain terrain in between. The biking is a combination of easy and paved roads with al lot of the time biking on real trails and tracks. Sometimes only a path for the mules. During the mountain biking everything is completely organized; including a following car for the luggage and nice picnics on the road. An experienced European tourleader is biking with you.
Our next 8 day group tour starts on Saturday April 28 in Marrakech. You spent 2 nights in Marrakech and in between you go cycling through the High Atlas Mountains. The mountain peaks with white snow you can see them already from the city of Marrakech. The highest summits are over 4.000 meters; on bike we stay a little lower with challenging passes of over 2.000 meters. The trip takes you to beautiful nature and colorful mountain valleys with small Berber villages stick to the mountain slopes. Around those villages green walnut trees and small terraces with barley. And a lot of rough terrain in between. And as our tour leader Jos described the first time he arrived in the Berber village of Imsker: It is just like “Little Nepal”. Every day there is a firm climb and off course you go down as well. For the real enthusiasts there is a spectacular extra ‘zig zag’ climb on day 4. And we introduce you to the friendly Berber people with their traditional culture. On the road we stay in simple Berber guesthouses; you bring your own sleeping bag. You sometimes sleep in multiple rooms and the bathroom (with shower) are shared.
The major part of the biking is on dirt road, in Morocco we call them “pistes”. Sometimes the road is not even more than a small trail for the mules. And on day 5 there is a small walk to the pass Tizi Mezzik - 2.280m. Your bike is then transported on … the back of a mule !
This is real adventure and a good combination of sports and culture. The mountain biking itself is a little technical, so some experience is needed. And you bring your own bicycle !! Just ask for the special luggage fares when you book your flight. For more information have a look at:
the link to some nice pictures you find in our guestbook:

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